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There are many challenges which are confronting the exports and allied industries/services in today’s demanding and competitive scenario. The foremost challenge is a paucity of experienced man power in the the trade of exports and allied services. The second challenge is to remain internationally competitive while compromise in the quality is ruled out.

Other service providers such as shipping companies, NVOCCs and CFSs etc pose a challenge in the form of not so efficient services, procedures and systems that hinder faster turn-around and results in increased transaction costs and dwell time. Although this is an operational challenge, it keeps everybody connected with the trade of export/logistics on his toes.

This is where Universal Infotech Services comes in.

Universal Infotech is a software development company headquartered in the city of Navi Mumbai. In business since the year 2002, we provide software development services using web technologies. These services are available to the exporters, importers, transporters, consignees, warehousing agents, CFS, and anybody who is remotely connected with the export/import trade. Those who fail in, or delay implementation of IT in their offices will be lagging behind.

Our Software will streamline your business meaning reduction in costs and increasing the amount of time you can spend focusing on outperforming the competition and growing sales – without increasing your head count. The right business management software can help you do just that, and you’ll see results that directly affect your bottom line.

Our software solutions specifically designed for the following trades enable businesses to achieve leading-edge technology to gain a competitive advantage in today’s competitive market.

  Freight Forwarding System.
  Carriers – Container, Bulk/ Break Bulk, Tankers
  Feeder Operators System
  NVOCC (Container Tracking & Inventory) System
  Shipping Agent Support System
  Stevedoring System
  Container Yard/ Terminal/ Depot System
  Warehouse Management System (3PL/ CFS/ Distribution/ Trading)
  Exporters/ Importers
  Customs House Agents